8104255 CANADA INC.

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8104255 CANADA INC.

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Business Summary

8104255 CANADA INC. is an business incorporated in Canada registered under Canada Business Corporations Act - 2012-06-08. Their business is recorded as active. It is not part of a group.

Business informations

  • Name

    8104255 CANADA INC.

  • Identification number:


  • -

  • Type

    Not Available

  • Status


  • Governing Legislation

    Canada Business Corporations Act - 2012-06-08

  • Address

    Care of: Dory Samaha
    3610 Arthur-Villeneuve
    Saint-Laurent QC H4R 3K8

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Key Financials

Key Financials are not available as 8104255 CANADA INC. has not filed accounts. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 20/09/2013.


Current Officer Name
Dory Samaha

Company Accounts

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Annual AccountsDate Filed
Made up to 2012-09-312012-07-31
Made up to 2011-05-312011-05-31
Made up to 2011-03-312011-04-31

Company Documents

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Document TypeDate Filed
Annual Retur 2012-03-31
Change of registered office address 2011-08-31
Change of registered office address 2011-03-31
Return of Allotment of shares 2011-02-31
New Incorporation documents. 2010-01-31


Care of: Dory Samaha3610 Arthur-VilleneuveSaint-Laurent QC H4R 3K8

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